Aquarium Supervisor

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Workers Village
  • 5.00 to 10.00 Years
  • 06 Dec 2018


? Performs daily monitoring and assessment of aquatic animals, their health, treatment and management to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the aquarium facility.
? Establishes and manages staff appropriate to the maintenance of the collection, daily and weekly rosters in coordination with the Diving Supervisor.
? Diving as required on a day to day basis and perform maintenance and feedings as required.
? Ensure staffs are trained in accordance with the Working Instructions and Husbandry Manuals.
? Ensure that Health and Safety protocols are followed at all times.
? Assist on the development of risk assessments and action plans.
? Develop and implement training programs for the staff at all levels.
? Assist in the development and establishment of written standards and protocols for all exhibits to ensure the highest standards for water quality, operational efficiency, cleanliness and animal health.
? Ensure that animal quarantine programmes of specimen acquisition align with the launch programme for new exhibits.
? Assume general curatorial responsibilities for the Husbandry Department by increasing support while Head Curator is absent or dealing with consultancy and development projects.
? Assist in ensuring that the local Regulations in the Zoo Licensing Act are satisfied.
? Attend and participate at scientific/peer meetings on appropriate topics.
? Assist the Curator in managing the Husbandry Department budget to achieve agreed objectives.
? Ensure adequate supplies are available to run the Husbandry Department, including animal feeds and equipment and to ensure timely placement of orders.
? Assist the Curator in the development of new exhibits and the publicity and promotion for the same.
? Communicates to Curator of any health and or LSS issues identified, and assist in developing a course of action to rectify the situation
? Take responsibility for activities relating to exhibits and husbandry.
? Daily monitor water quality and act appropriately to the needs of the collection.
? Work with the Life Support Manager, to ensure that life support systems are adequate for maintaining the collection, and that water quality is maintained.
? Ensure routine specimen monitoring, training and enrichment programs are developed and implemented
? Assist the Curator in the development and implementation of conservational and educational programs
? Will ensure that all areas of responsibility are reviewed and subjected to a process of continuous improvement.
? Ensures that daily data collection is appropriately managed and stored
? Communicate to the public at all levels
? Communicate regularly with professional colleagues at other institutions
? Read new publications and papers on the latest developments in collection, breeding, life support and display technologies
? Maintain all curatorial areas so they are safe and clean

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